*Review* I tried Edge Naturale’s follicle enhancer for stronger edges and hair regrowth

So I’ve been trying something on my hair for a few weeks… It’s a natural follicle enhancer that makes my edges feel stronger but it’s also made for hair regrowth. Here is my review of that Edge Naturale’s product.

An American product, how did I get my hands on that?

I should probably thank my new beauty partner because, since I started publishing about makeup and self-care, I receive a lot of requests for collabs or reviews… This one intrigued me with its natural ingredients and its very targeted aim, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

What’s that stuff?

Have you ever heard of a follicle enhancer? No? Well, me neither… until I received an email offering me to try one. 

So what does this type of product do? It basically stimulates hair regrowth, targeting the edges and thinning or damaged hair. 

Now, let’s be honest: I don’t actually need my hair to regrow anywhere… but like many people, I lose some of my hair everytime I brush them, wash them or tie them (and how could I possibly know whether or not my hair’s damaged up there…?!), so I was wondering what this cream could do for me. Apart from a mask from time to time or a conditioner, I don’t do much on my hair to make them healthier, so I thought “why not?”

A minty cream for your edges

When I received it, I directly opened it (curiosity, hello!)… and if I should describe my first impressions, I’d say it looks and smells a lot like a minty coconut oil cream… which doesn’t help much to know if it’s working or not. But at least, it looks natural. 

The ingredients are natural and nice

About that, I had a look at the ingredients written on the product and I’ve only spotted one endocrine disruptor, the phenoxyethanol (which was not in the primary ingredients, so it’s not that bad). But otherwise, this cream is made of peppermint, coconut milk as well as argan, avocado and jojoba oils; so it’s a quite promising formula for your scalp and hair edges. 

Also, two important things: it’s cruelty free and gluten free (I know we don’t eat it, but it’s good for coeliacs).

How do I use it?

It’s simple to use: you first clean your hair, or at least the area of application, then you take some cream with your fingertips and rub it there. 

Little note if you feel something more than freshness on your scalp, it’s the peppermint stimulating your follicles; nothing to worry about. 🙂

And if you want to have great regrowth results, it’s recommended to use it very regularly (once or twice daily); so now you know!

Let’s talk about my results

So I tried it several times now and I haven’t seen a huge difference. Although, I feel like my edges are softer, stronger and that my usual hair loss has been reduced… which is certainly due to argan oil, jojoba oil, peppermint and avocado oil respectively. 

I haven’t tried it on my ends yet, but the argan oil is also good for split ends… 😉

Also, you should know that it has great results with curly hair; and if you want to see some clients’ results, just have a look at their website, it’s full of it.

So this is a natural product that might impress you if you like to take care of your hair with natural products and especially want to regrow your hair. 

Don’t hesitate to ask me if you want to try it before purchasing it online.

Follicle Enhancer Edge Naturale

What about the company?

I haven’t heard about it before, honestly. Internet is full of good reviews on the product so I suspect them to ask for a lot of reviews to a lot of people… which is an interesting marketing technique to get to be known, but I have no idea who’s “behind” that. Those of you who know me well enough will understand why I’m so curious about the “who” created the company. For the others, just know that for me it’s really important to understand who decided to create a product or a company, because obviously when you know them, you know whether or not you can trust them (more info on that on my professional website with my portraits). 

Moreover, I have to admit that I was surprised it’s the only product that is shown on the website (it’s an e-shop hosted on Shopify for the curious spirits like me^^).

They say nothing so let’s read between the lines

Anyway, when you try to read between the lines of Edge Naturale’s texts, you can notice some interesting information. I copied it below so it’s easier for you to follow my ideas:

“Edge Naturale is for anybody who needs to regrow worn or damaged edges and wants to look their best again… but struggles with all the expensive and inferior products out there.

Here’s the problem: formulas that make big promises, but don’t deliver results. But that’s not the end of the problem when it comes to quickly restoring your hairline…

What makes this even worse is the fact that without a simple and effective solution – that’s EASY to use – it could take YEARS to regrow worn edges! Which means more embarrassment … it’s like those edges are all that anyone can see.

And, worst of all, most people can’t get past the idea that edge regrowth has to take a long time.

All this can make trying to get your edges to regrow a nightmare!

So, if you’re a person who needs to regrow worn or damaged edges and who really wants (or needs) to look their best again… « Edge Naturale » is the answer you’ve been looking for!


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Healthy Hair Care”

Edge Naturale

Basically, if you forget about the fact that you have no idea who created it or what is that company, you can understand that their aim is the following: one fast, efficient and natural solution to regrow hair, and especially worn or damaged edges. It’s probably a big problem for people with thin (and/or curly) hair who tie them a lot.

Personally, I feel that this is a solution made with natural products for one particular person who was sick of the embarrassment of having worn edges… and when he/she realized it was so great, he/she decided to sell it online.

But who knows? 🙂 

P.S.: désolé pour ceux qui ne parlent pas bien anglais… je le traduirai peut-être en français si j’ai le temps 🙂

T.P.S.: I received this product for free but get nothing more for this review (that’s the first and last one… for the moment).